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NIDER Value Engineered Geared Head

The NIDER range of machines offer a Budget-Priced Value-Engineered solution for maintenance/jobbing workshops, and education/vocational training applications. Models are available in both Geared-Head and Electronic Variable Belt-Driven versions.

All machines, once arriving at our Swedish factory, are fully checked to ensure that they meet the required high Swedish run & safety standards, and have added factory value, with some better quality components.

The Geared-Head NIDER NI25/NI25B – No 3MT – 25mm Manual-Feed Pillar/Bench Drills, are based on the popular Arboga A2608(B), but more suited to lighter workshop applications, and ideal for education/vocational training applications.

A wide range of optional equipment is also available, including tooling. Full details are available upon request.

NIDER Value Engineered Geared Head