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Our H M UK company is focused on being able to offer a broad range of Drilling/Milling Machines which meet the requirements of most industrial and training applications, including; ARBOGA Geared Head Pillar/Bench , ARBOGA Geared Head Drill/Mill , AS50 Heavy Capacity Geared Head , NIDER Value Engineered Geared Head , NIDER Value Engineered Belt Driven , Radial Arm Drilling Machines , Other Drilling Machines .

The Swedish factory in Rosenfors, has been producing high quality drilling machines for over 70 years. Globally, the ARBOGA brand is well-established as a supplier of reliable, rugged and high quality precision engineered geared head drilling machines, and today still remains one of the UK market leaders.

Through the same Swedish factory with its extensive checking & testing procedures, we are also able to now offer the Value Engineered Budget Priced NIDER range of machines.

In addition, through our trading partners this Drilling/Milling Machinery portfolio can be extended even further.

Our three Scandinavian factories; SCANTOOL, MACHINERY SCANDINAVIA, and COMPAC offer products, to meet the high demands of both industry and education/vocational training applications.